Saturday Morning Art Movie Special!

Good Morning! Welcome to the Saturday Art Movie Special – Morning Edition! Enjoy the artistic sights and sounds!!!! If you enjoy the artwork you see, please subscribe and check out Stone Dragon Artistry on Patreon! Thank you for viewing!

ArtWork of the Day

Good Morning Everyone! Today’s artwork of the day is an acrylic painting created with Winsor and Newton acrylic paints on a canvas paper support. The creation below is a digital painting created with ProCreate. Enjoy and have a creative day!!

Look what I found…

Good Afternoon!! So, normally I don’t post in the afternoons because I use that time for creating artwork and working on my art slide shows for my portfolio I am currently working on. While updating some of my pages on my blogs on WordPress and Pateron, I found these two pour paintings that I didContinue reading “Look what I found…”

ArtWork of the Day

Good Morning Everyone! The artwork of the day is comprised of the above acrylic pour painting created with Arteza pour paint on a 16 X 20 inch canvas. The second creation is below and I call it Fireworks. It is a digital painting that was created with MyBrushes. Enjoy the creations and try making somethingContinue reading “ArtWork of the Day”

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