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Artistic Creations of the Day

Happy Friday Morning!!! Today’s artistic photo of the day is an acrylic painting on a 16X20 inch canvas with Arteza acrylic paint. I hope you enjoy my artistic expression. Infuse your day with is little creative activity of your own!!!

ArtWork of the Day

Happy Saturday morning! Today’s artwork of the day is two new acrylic paintings. One on a 16X20 inch canvas and the other on some black multipurpose sketch paper. Both with Artez acrylic paints.Enjoy the art and have an amazing weekend!!!

ArtWork of the Day

Morning Everyone! I am back at it with the acrylic paintings on stretched canvas!!! Today’s artwork today is two abstract acrylic paintings on a 10 X 20 inch black primed canvas. Enjoy the new paintings and have an amazing day!!!

ArtWork of the Day

Good Morning Everyone! Today’s artwork of the day is three new acrylic painting on a stretched canvas that I have just hung in my home. They were created with Deco Art fluid paint, Gesso, and acrylic medium. Enjoy the new acrylic paintings on canvas and have a creative day!!!!

It’s Been a Year- Let’s Celebrate!! ArtWork of the Day!

Good Morning Everyone! Happy 1 year anniversary to Stone Dragon Artistry! One year ago I decided to start posting daily art projects and pictures. For today’s picture of the day I have something special to share. Two new acrylic pour painting on canvas!Enjoy the art and have a creative weekend!!!

Art Work of the Day

It’s the Weekend Everyone! Today’s artwork of the day is an acrylic pour painting created with DecoArt paints on Artist Loft 16X 20 inch canvas and one digital seascape painting created with Procreate. I worked on Pour Painting this last weekend and it is finally ready for viewing! Hope you enjoy the art and haveContinue reading “Art Work of the Day”

ArtWork of the Day

Good Morning Everyone! Today’s artwork of the day is comprised of an acrylic painting created with Arteza pour paints on a 16 x 20 inch canvas (above). The other creation is a digital painting created with Procreate (below). Enjoy the artistic creations and have a relaxing Sunday!!!