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Art Portfolio

Stone Dragon Artistry by Kristen Illerbrun

Ink Dragon by Kristen illerbrun 2020
Stone Dragon Artistry- Ink Dragon Eye by Kristen Illerbrun 2020

Kristen Illerbrun

Abstract Artist

Painting in Acrylic and Watercolor on Canvas. Creating Garden Stones. Drawing amazing ink images of fantasy creatures ( like dragons) Working on learning to creative beautiful images with digital software.

The Puzzle- Ink Drawing
The Mask – Acrylic Painting on Canvas 16 X 20 In
The Lion – Acrylic Painting
Pouring Painting – Acrylic 6 X 6 In
Acrylic Reactive Painting on Canvas 16 X 20 In
Acrylic Reactive Painting
Acrylic Reactive Painting
Acrylic Reactive Paintings Four Panel Series

Pour Paintings

Creations made on 16 X 20 inch canvas, 10 X 20 inch canvas and 10 X 24 inch canvas. All painted in 2020 with Arteza pour paints.

Digital Paintings Created With Procreate – 2020

YouTube Daily Time Lapse Video With Procreate – 2020

Check out the artwork in motion on YouTube and Subscribe to see the new daily videos of the new digital paintings I have been created!! Keep an eye out for special fun days where there are ten count video series of the day!! Thank you for viewing and have a fabulous day everyone!!!!!

2020 Digital Painting Time Lapse Video

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