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Time Lapse Video of the Day Welcome to the start of Year 3!!!!!  – Time for another Time Lapse Video. This is of a landscape sea of deep violets blowing in the wind!!! Enjoy the art in motion and tell your friends to come watch some relaxing art in motion.  Sometimes I even sneak in some music for your listeningContinue reading “Time Lapse Video of the Day”

ArtWork of the Day – Year 3 Starts Today!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! Today is a start of my third year sharing my artwork with the public online on WordPress. Also you can view my artwork on Patreon and all my Time Lapse Video are currently on my YouTube Channel. Enjoy the two new artworks of the day, a couple of digital landscape paintings createdContinue reading “ArtWork of the Day – Year 3 Starts Today!!!”