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ArtWork Creations of the Week

Good Morning Everyone. Happy Friday!!! Today is the day… the completed acrylic painting. This is on a 16X20 inch Artist Loft Canvas and painted with Arteza acrylic paints.Here are the weekly digital paintings. All created this week with Procreate. Enjoy the new digital artwork.¬†Enjoy the new painting creation too!

Have a lovely weekend!!!!


Weekly Artwork Creations

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope all is well with you. This week is three digital paintings that I created using the Procreate software. Hope you enjoy the need digital paintings of landscapes, seascapes and abstract creations.

Also there is some acrylic painting updates to the piece I started last week… should be completed for next Friday’s post. Can’t wait to see how the final painting will look.

Have an amazing weekend!!!

Friday Artwork of the Week

Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy the new Art Project, an acrylic painting in progress of the week. Created with Artez acrylic paint and a Artist Loft 16X20 inch stretched canvas. Enjoy the new work in progress and join us next week to see the completed artwork! Also a few new digital paintings are here for your visual pleasure. These created with the art software Procreate.

Have a lovely weekend!!!